Lawn Maintenance

In Part 1 of this lawn care series, learn how you can evaluate your lawn for problem areas. If there are bare areas, prepare for spot seeding. Or, if you want to protect and strengthen your lawn, try over-seeding. Over-seeding is seeding your entire lawn. Make sure that you rake the top soil before you add the grass seed. For over-seeding, make sure that you dethatch dead grass and mow your lawn first. Next, aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn breaks up the soils surface and makes tiny holes in your lawn to allowing air, water, nutrients and new seeds to deeply penetrate the soil.

Rake or till any bare spots so that the seeds can penetrate into the earth. Next if there are problem weed areas, spray with a non selective herbicide to eliminate plants. Wait a few days for the vegetation to die, remove the old plants and then plant the seed. Add topsoil to any low spots in your yard as well. For the rest of the lawn care and maintenance series, visit

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