Outdoor Garden Lighting

Make your yard beautiful during the day and by night from dusk to dawn with landscape lighting. Adding spotlights or flood lights to your landscape can make all the difference. There are many different types and styles of fixtures to transform your yard. Entrance lights that illuminate walkways and driveways and path lights to softly accent the way. Dramatic up lights, down lights and side lights to accent trees and statues. Hidden wall lights to dramatically accent trees, shrubbery and buildings.

Before choosing the correct lighting for your yard, use a flashlight that has both spot and flood light settings to see what kind of lights you want to use, what angles to set them at and what looks best. Formalize a plan by sketching out a layout by plotting the location of the light fixtures. Once you have decided on what type of lighting and the style determine the voltage aspect. There are 3 common types of voltage: solar, low voltage and high voltage. Solar is used primarily for aesthetic purposes, low voltage are used when safety and security are important and for brighter areas that do not depend on sunlight and high voltage is used for commercial projects and should be installed by a professional.

For this project you will need lights (either a kit or singular styles), a power pack, connector caps, tape, 12 cable gauge, a shovel, edger, utility knife and wire strippers.
To begin, locate the outlet and attach the power pack to the house. Assemble the lights and cables. Lay down the cables and assemble the connectors. Using an edger make a 3” deep trench for the cable to lay in along the path. Insert the cable and wherever there’s a fixture, insert the light post. Attach the connectors to the power pack and plug it into the outlook. Finally hide the wires in the trenches with mulch and adjust the lighting.